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The fastest and easiest way to grow your business is through repeat business and referrals. Here, you’ll learn how to work with clients so that you keep them coming back again and again.

Reality Blog: Start Controlling What People Say About Your Business

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | April 16, 2021

If you want to take good care of your reputation, it starts by controlling what people say about your business by doing your very best work.

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Top 8 Steps to Providing Great Customer Service

By John Torre | April 15, 2021

Everyone knows that you must provide great service to be successful. No great revelation there. But what are some of the steps you can take to help your clients do their best at providing good service to their customers?

Client meeting - Overcoming client difficulties

Reality Blog: Practicing the Fine Art of Irish Diplomacy

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | March 12, 2021

When it comes to working with clients, a little diplomacy can go a long way toward solving problems and making people feel good. In your business, it can help you manage even the most difficult clients with grace.

3 Keys to Developing Strong Relationships with Your Business Clients

By John Torre | January 21, 2021

Developing strong business relationships with your clients will increase your value and earn you more repeat and word-of-mouth business.

Client meeting - Overcoming client difficulties

Tips for Providing a Satisfying Experience for Your Clients

By John Torre | January 14, 2021

When working with your clients, providing a satisfying experience will help you earn repeat business and referrals. Keep these things in mind to deliver great service and results…

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Tips for Evaluating Repeat Business Clients

By John Torre | January 7, 2021

Having repeat business from existing clients can increase the health and profitability of your freelance web-writing business. But you want your repeat clients to be high quality ones. Here are some traits to be on the lookout for…

5 Tips for Communicating with Clients and Prospects

By Kimberly Weitkamp | December 23, 2020

Sometimes the hardest writing you do isn’t for client projects. It’s the writing you do to communicate with your clients about projects. Discover five things you an do to communicate clearly and effectively with your clients and prospects.

Reality Blog: Sometimes You’re Better Off Saying No

By Andrew Murray | November 27, 2020

When a project is tempting, but you’re getting all sorts of red flags, you might be better off saying no… Andrew Murray shares his own story about trusting his gut.

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