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The fastest and easiest way to grow your business is through repeat business and referrals. Here, you’ll learn how to work with clients so that you keep them coming back again and again.

7 Tips for Retaining Clients and Solidifying Relationships

By John Torre | August 29, 2019

Your most powerful form of advertising is word-of-mouth, but you can only get that advertising if your clients trust you. Use these tips to deepen trust and build relationships with your existing clients.

Your Web-Writing Business Isn’t a Drive-Thru, So Stop Being an Order-Taker

By Michele Peterson | August 28, 2019

It’s much better — and more profitable — to be a consultant rather than a commodity. The good news is that you have what it takes right now to make the shift to the role of expert consultant.

Reality Blog: Do Your Clients “Get It”? Why You Should Cut Bad Clients Loose

By Andrew Murray | August 23, 2019

Sooner or later, you’ll have a bad client, one who just don’t get it. One who requires constant education and doesn’t see the value you offer. See why cutting bad clients loose is important to your business success.

Reality Blog: Sometimes You Need to Keep Your Client on Track…

By Andrew Murray | August 16, 2019

What do you do when your client wants to make a bad decision? One you know will hurt their long-term results? Andrew talks about how to help keep a client on track when they seem determined to make a mistake.

7 Steps to Delivering What Your Clients Expect From You

By John Torre | August 15, 2019

Any client that hires you is looking for one thing and one thing only — a specific desired result. Follow the steps you find here and start delivering what your clients expect.

Back to working after a vacation

Member Update: Back in the Swing

By Heather Robson | August 5, 2019

A lot of stuff happens when you take a long vacation. Yes, you get to rest, relax, and explore… but the work is also potentially piling up while you are away. Here are my tips for getting back into the swing of things quickly after a long break.

7 Tips to Being a Successful Fundraising Copywriter

By John Torre | July 25, 2019

Although there are volumes of books written on the art of effective fundraising, here are some major points to keep in mind as you hone your skills in this lucrative niche…

Writing a Proposal for a Client

Reality Blog: The 4 Benefits of Writing Proposals for Clients

By Andrew Murray | July 19, 2019

A well-written proposal has four important benefits… for you and the prospective client. When you write a well-thought-out proposal for your client, you increase your odds of landing the project and head off potential miscommunications down the road.

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