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The fastest and easiest way to grow your business is through repeat business and referrals. Here, you’ll learn how to work with clients so that you keep them coming back again and again.

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7 Habits of Successful Digital Copywriters

By Nick Usborne | October 12, 2021

Live: October 20, 2021: Successful digital copywriters tend to have certain habits in common. In this live interview, Nick Usborne joins Heather Robson (Wealthy Web Writer’s Managing Editor) to talk about some of the most valuable habits you can have as a freelance writer.

Member Update: Disappointment

By Heather Robson | October 11, 2021

Sometimes you think something is going to work out… and then it doesn’t. When you’re building a business, disappointments happen. Trying to avoid them can be a big mistake.

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Why Niched Content Is a Win-Win-Win

By Michele Peterson | September 22, 2021

When you write niched content for your clients, you get more work, their customers get more relevant information, and they get more sales. Win, win, win!

How to Correctly Value Your Copywriting Packages

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | August 5, 2021

If you’re using package pricing for your services, don’t set your prices by thinking about money. Think about value instead. Here’s what that looks like…

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Reality Blog Update: Packaging Your Services and Other Tips to Build Your Authority

By Wealthy Web Writer | July 26, 2021

Recorded: July 26, 2021: In this fast-paced interview, learn about creating packages, positioning yourself as an expert, having more fun, creating more content… and… well, more.

A Simple 2-Step Process for Creating Your Own Powerful Copywriting Package

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | July 22, 2021

Once you’ve decided package pricing is the way to go for your copywriting business, the next step is to create a package that will work for you and your clients!

Roving Report: Helping Your Clients with the Low-Hanging Fruit

By Susanna Perkins | July 16, 2021

Do you ever feel like you make your job as a web writer harder than it needs to be? The truth is, often it’s the simple help you give clients that makes the biggest difference.

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Roving Report: The Power of Process

By Susanna Perkins | July 9, 2021

Using processes in your business will boost your confidence, make you feel prepared, cut down on the time it takes you to do the things, and help you get better and more professional over time.

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