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Member Update: Connecting Gratitude to Your Actions

By Heather Robson | June 15, 2021

When you take time each day to write down or even just dwell on the things you’re grateful for, it yields a lot of benefits. But those aren’t the only way to tap into gratitude…

How to Have a Successful Freelance-Writing Career With a Mental Illness

By Daniel G. Taylor | June 9, 2021

If you live with a mental illness, you may wonder if freelance writing is viable for you. It can be. Read this inspiring story of one writer’s success.

Member Update: Questions to Ask Yourself When You Get Stuck

By Heather Robson | June 8, 2021

Feeling stuck? Asking the right questions can help you get unstuck so you can start moving forward.

Business Challenge: 5 Easy, Low-Stress Steps to Hone Your Negotiation Skills

By Rebekah Mays | June 2, 2021

Strong negotiating skills can help you build your web-writing business faster. If negotiating makes you nervous, these five steps will help you improve.

Member Update: On Saying Yes and No

By Heather Robson | June 1, 2021

Saying yes… saying no… many people struggle with one or the other. But learning to say both, and when to say which one can help you quickly build a business you love.

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How to Weave Empathy Into Your Writing

By Heather Robson | May 26, 2021

Learn to combine empathy and writing to create copy and content that connects with readers, builds trust, and ultimately drives action.

Motivation and action leads to success

Member Update: Slowing Down

By Heather Robson | May 25, 2021

Slowing down doesn’t mean getting less done. It means getting the same amount done, with less stress and more satisfaction.

13 Marketing Seeds for Web Writers to Plant

By Michele Peterson | May 19, 2021

If you want your web-writing business to grow, you need to begin planting your marketing seeds now. This will lead to a steady stream of clients later.

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