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15 Minutes to Fame: Feeding Your Energy Stores

By Heather Robson | May 16, 2011

Catch up on last week’s highlights including articles on how to find Site Audit clients, how to put together a video tutorial using PowerPoint, and strategies you can use for boosting your productivity. Plus, take the next steps toward setting up an efficient and effective system for capturing leads and following up with prospects … and get a leg up on this month’s Challenge while doing it.

April Challenge Winners!

By Wealthy Web Writer | May 13, 2011

April’s Wealthy Web Writer Challenge was to write an effective, engaging “About Me” page for your professional web-writing website. Dozens of members decided to compete, and today we announce our two lucky winners!

The Reality Blog: 4 “High-Level” Website Critique Tips

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | May 11, 2011

To the untrained eye, many business websites look more or less alike, but some work much more effectively than others. Being able to quickly critique the core message of a website could make you a much more sought-after web writer. Not only that, it could make it easier to land work for higher pay. Check out these four new tips for critiquing high-level websites.

How To Find Hidden Web-Writing Jobs Just By Surfing The Internet

By Christina Gillick | May 11, 2011

Has someone ever told you to save the snail mail you get, critique it, and then send a letter to the advertiser telling them how you could do it better and asking for a chance to rewrite it? I’m willing to bet they have, because we all hear that advice when we first start studying to become a copywriter. But, how does this advice apply to web writing? Christina Gillick shows you how to use this same advice to land web-writing clients.

Marketing Materials for a Smart Writer

By Juliet James | May 10, 2011

Marketing is crucial to every business, but in the case of individuals working for themselves, it’s more than that — it’s survival. For freelance writers and independent writing contractors, successfully marketing your services will make or break you. And, you stand a much better chance of winning that fight with the right marketing tools.

15 Minutes to Fame: Ready for Summer!

By Heather Robson | May 9, 2011

For many web writers, work in the summertime happens at a different pace than during other seasons. How does your summer schedule changes? Plus, check out highlights from the site and upcoming events. And, find out the first steps you need to take to set up a lead generation system that will work for you.

The Reality Blog: How The “Dating Game” Can Help You Land Clients

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | May 4, 2011

Having trouble getting clients? By putting a new spin on the problem, you might have some luck in moving forward. Read today’s Reality Blog for a new take on this classic challenge for web writers. With any luck, the tips you find here with help you use the wisdom you might be applying in other areas of your life to help you move forward to find the perfect connection!

Attract Clients Like Magic When You Overcome This Stumbling Block

By Cindy Cyr | May 4, 2011

Getting clients is the #1 concern most writers have about getting started. And, not getting clients is a top source of frustration, especially when it’s so clear that there is work to be had. Cindy Cyr reveals what you can do before you even start marketing yourself to better your chances of attracting new clients.

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