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How To Make 2011 Your Best Year Ever

By Roy Furr | December 8, 2010

No matter where you are in your copywriting career, the art of making connections and building relationships can help you shape your career into the dream you want it to be. Roy Furr offers some clear advice on how you can strengthen your network and benefit more from your connections by doing just a little something extra every week.

15 Minutes to Fame: Recovering From Vacation

By Heather Robson | December 6, 2010

Finding ways to leverage your time, skills, knowledge and experience can make your road to success so much easier. Today, check out the Wealthy Web Writer resources published in the past two weeks that will help you find ways to earn more money with less effort and discover five ideas for how you can leverage your time and skills.

The Reality Blog: Don’t Let The One-Size-Fits-All Myth Stop You From Web Writing Success

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | December 1, 2010

Worried that you’ll never make it as a web writer? If your worry is tied to the fact that you’re not comfortable promoting yourself in all the “typical” ways, rest easy. Uniqueness is the name of the game in web writing, and making sure you move forward in a way that feels right for you is crucially important. Read today’s blog to find out why.

4 Secret, Non-Traditional Paths To Self-Promotion

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | December 1, 2010

Self-promotion can be the hardest part of being a web writer. For most of us, learning the fundamentals of good copy is enjoyable. Sitting down to write is pure bliss. But, telling others we’re excellent at what we do and that they should pay us for our skills is about as fun as scrubbing tile grout. So, what do you do? Where’s the happy medium that brings you success without personal agony?

The Reality Blog: A ”Breeze-Easy” Way To Go From Beginner To Successful, Profitable Web Writer

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | November 25, 2010

If you’re looking for a quick way to get a leg up as a successful web writer, look no further than today’s Reality Blog. Mindy dives into some excellent advice shared by web-writing superstar Henry Bingaman and gives you a tangible example of how you can put that advice to work.

How Even Brand-New Copywriters And Researchers With No Samples or Experience Can Land Paid Projects With The World’s Easiest and Most Powerful Self-Promotion Letter

By Henry Bingaman | November 24, 2010

There is a type of direct mail that will guarantee a response rate of 80% or better … and even the people who don’t respond feel grateful for having received it. Best of all, you can use it to help build your business.

15 Minutes to Fame: Tapping Into Your Natural Rhythms

By Heather Robson | November 22, 2010

What time of day are you most productive? When are you least productive? Your body has a natural rhythm to its day and if you tune into it you can schedule your most challenging tasks for when you’re most alert and do more mundane tasks during those times of day when you typical feel a little sluggish. By tapping into your own rhythm, you can make your entire day more productive.

The Reality Blog: Essential Business Advice For Web Writers (And Three Cheers For Honest Ed!)

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | November 18, 2010

If the business side of web-writing sends you into a cold sweat, take a deep breath. Read Mindy’s blog for tips on how to gradually wade into business discussions. Then, find out why she applauds six-figure copywriter Ed Gandia and discover the crucial business advice he recently shared.

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