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Ask the Right Questions and Land Your Next Online Writing Project

By Pam Foster | November 23, 2009

Part of landing projects is answering a prospect’s. Let Pam Foster show you how to answer questions about online writing projects in a way that is accurate, honest, and will build the future client’s confidence in your services.

Get the Inside Scoop on Social Media Marketing

By Robert Nomura | November 23, 2009

Social media marketing is a popular trend among businesses and it presents plenty of opportunities to the web copywriter. Here are a few very useful tips for the new copywriter to see if social media is in your future…

The Quickest Way to Build a Web Copywriting Portfolio

By Sid Smith | November 23, 2009

Marketing copywriting services is easier when you have a good portfolio. Discover a surefire system of building a portfolio that will get you writing for the web in no time.

How to Build a Career as an Online Video Marketer

By Guillermo Rubio | November 23, 2009

Find out how the online video marketing niche can lead to big bucks for copywriters wanted to break into video scriptwriting. Find out how you can make some big bucks by writing online video scripts.

Do Small Business Internet Marketing for Businesses in Your Hometown

By Heather Robson | November 23, 2009

Local B2B companies are in need of small business internet marketing services. Find out how you can meet local business professionals and how to make the most of every contact.

If You Enjoy Writing for the Web, Then You’ll Love B2B Copywriting!

By Steve Slaunwhite | November 23, 2009

There are immense opportunities for the B2B copywriter to begin writing for the web. Here’s a great introduction to B2B copywriting, and why it can be such a lucrative business!

The Importance of Contracts to Smooth Customer Relations

By Will Newman | November 23, 2009

Deciding whether or not to use a formal freelance contract or work agreement is an important step for a freelance copywriter. Generally freelance contracts can help to keep everyone on a project happy in the event there’s a misunderstanding.

A Foolproof Plan for Finding-and Landing-High Paying Clients Desperately in Need of Someone Who Can Write for the Web

By Rebecca Matter | November 23, 2009

Discover the best way to approach clients who are willing to pay you good money for writing for the web. This is an excellent summary of several key ways you can build a business as a web copywriter…

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