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New to Copywriting? B2B Copywriting is a Great Place to Start

By Steve Slaunwhite | November 10, 2009

Find out why B2B copywriting is a great field for any copywriter—but especially those just getting started. If you’re new to copywriting, then consider writing for the B2B market. Steve Slaunwhite explains why B2B copywriting is such a great field.

Turning Puppies Into Profits and What it Means to Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

By Jay White | November 10, 2009

Learn how to quickly build strong relationships with your prospects through great email marketing. Jay White provides some useful tips on how you can “turn puppies into profits” with your email marketing.

A Three-Step Process to Crafting Effective Email Subject Lines

By Will Newman | November 10, 2009

Find out how you can get past the three layers of scrutiny every email undergoes before getting read. Getting emails opened and read is about 90% of the battle today for online marketers. Will Newman, email pro gives you his three-step process for crafting effective email subject lines.

Secrets of Writing Winning Email Marketing Copy

By Steve Slaunwhite | November 9, 2009

Businesses NEED your expertise in writing great email campaigns. With marketing dollars down and email readership equally down, you need to know how to write a complete email marketing campaign from the subject line to the message itself to the landing page that completes the sale.

Five Secrets to Writing More Effective Email Subject Lines and Better Email Marketing Campaigns

By Heather Robson | November 9, 2009

Did you know that a “good” email campaign plans on only 20-25% of the emails even being opened by the recipients? Here are five key points that will help you write better subject lines for more successful email marketing campaigns.

A Simple Secret That Could Help You Net $30,000 Marketing on the Internet

By Guillermo Rubio | November 9, 2009

Learn the four characteristics of great online content that is the key to making money online. In the beginning, it’s not about the money. There’s a simple secret you’ll learn in this article that will help you to make much more money online…

How to Make Money Online Publishing Your Own Products

By Wealthy Web Writer | November 9, 2009

Discover how to make money online as a self-publisher in just seven steps. You’re a writer. Good. Now what? One of the best ways to make a good living as a writer isn’t writing blockbuster books, simple because so few people can achieve that level. Instead, how about becoming your own information publisher online? It’s […]

How to Write a landing Page that Converts

By John Wood | November 9, 2009

Learn the secrets to writing online landing pages that really close the sale. When you look around the web, you’ll see millions of pages. The first page you see when you go to to a new site is typically their “landing page.” ?Does it work as a good sales tool?

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