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A Career-Building Goal Plan that’s Guaranteed to Help You Reach Success

By Rebecca Matter | January 8, 2010

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution this year, follow a plan that’s designed to guarantee you succeed at achieving your goals.

Plan Your Freelance Website Content In Under an Hour

By Rebecca Matter | January 8, 2010

Find out how to plan out all the content for your new website in under an hour.

7 Words That Can Instantly Add $1000-Or More-To Your Copywriting Fees

By Jay White | January 8, 2010

Discover the 7 words that you can use to increase your web copywriting fees.

How Web Copywriters Can Find Podcast Clients

By Will Newman | November 30, 2009

Podcast scriptwriting is a brand new format that holds great opportunities for anyone interested in writing for the web.

How to Become a More Productive Online Copywriter

By Guillermo Rubio | November 30, 2009

Everyone wants to know how to be more productive—try this method and turn your regular schedule on its head.

Write a Simple, Persuasive Letter to Make Effective Sales Online

By Nick Usborne | November 30, 2009

Take cues from persuasive letter writing to make your website conversion rates better.

Stop Losing Money on PPC Marketing

By John Wood | November 30, 2009

Ask yourself these ten questions to uncover why your PPC search engine marketing campaign is losing money.

How to Set Your Web Writing Fees

By Rebecca Matter | November 30, 2009

What to charge for your web writing projects is often an area of confusion for new and even established online copywriters. Find out a strategy for setting your fees that will keep you and your clients happy.

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