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Member Update: One of Two Things

By Heather Robson | April 28, 2020

Some days your focus is sharp. Other days… not so much. But on either day, you can get more done by applying this one simple trick.

LinkedIn Prospecting: Here’s H.E.L.P.

By Jen Phillips April | April 22, 2020

Discover a natural approach for client outreach. No “cold” sales messages. No hype. See how you can use LinkedIn prospecting to grow your client base.

Member Update: How to Improve as a Writer

By Heather Robson | April 20, 2020

How to improve as a writer isn’t as straightforward as becoming a better researcher or learning to master the editing process. But it can be done. Inside, you’ll find the best ways to improve…

Want to Write Faster? The Art of Quieting Your Inner Editor

By Heather Robson | April 15, 2020

If you want to be a faster and better writer, then you must learn how to quiet your inner editor. Here are three strategies to help you succeed…

Member Update: One Month Later…

By Heather Robson | April 12, 2020

We’re moving into a month of social distancing and living under a stay-at-home order… and if you’re starting to wear a little thin, don’t worry. That’s completely normal… these thoughts might help.

20 Essential Email Marketing Stats Copywriters Need to Know

By Michele Peterson | April 8, 2020

These email marketing statistics represent a golden opportunity for web writers to help clients in a tangible way… and to get a foot in the door.

Women practicing stillness on a dock

Member Update: Self-Doubt

By Heather Robson | April 7, 2020

Are you wrestling with self-doubt? Doubts can creep in when you least expect or crash in with unanticipated force. No matter how they come up, these three steps will help you find your center… and regain your confidence.

Smartphone open to email app

Why You Need an Email List — Even If It’s Just One Person

By Kimberly Weitkamp | April 1, 2020

There are four reasons why you need an email list… and that doesn’t even count making more money. Discover the arguments for building your list.

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