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What Aristotle Can Teach Us About Effective Copywriting

By Darek Black | February 2, 2022

What do Aristotle and persuasion have to do with each other? Quite a lot, actually. Aristotle understood the driving forces of persuasion. Learn more about what they are and how to apply them.

A Quick Guide to Using Citations in Your Writing

By Heather Robson | January 26, 2022

Using citations in your work is important. When you credit your sources, you build trust with your reader and cultivate relationships within your industry.

Member Update – Writing Things Down

By Heather Robson | January 24, 2022

When you get in the habit of writing things down, you’ll get more done, with less stress. See how to make this work for you…

How to Manage Your Time and Get It All Done While Still Having a Life

By Michele Peterson | January 19, 2022

When you learn how to manage your time, it lets you feel good about your workday and your non-work life. It sets you up for the win each and every day.

Member Update: What Does Your Best Work Look Like?

By Heather Robson | January 17, 2022

Doing your best work is important to your success for sure, but more than that, it’s important to your happiness and sense of fulfillment.

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Write Without Limits: How to Cultivate Limitless Ideas

By Lynelle Suan | January 12, 2022

Unlock your brain’s creative engine so that you can come up with more ideas, more often, and at a faster pace.

Member Update – Clearing Your Marketing Cobwebs

By Heather Robson | January 11, 2022

When you first start marketing yourself as a freelance writer, it can feel daunting. Try these three mindset shifts to clear out your feelings of fear.

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4 Ways You Can Give Your Clients a Better User Experience

By Brad Dunse | January 5, 2022

Creating a good client user experience is one of the fastest ones to repeat work and referrals. Keep these four things in mind to deliver for your clients.

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