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Choosing a Niche: This is where you’ll go to figure out if you want to write for the B2B market, learn about SEO, build your own money-making web site, or make a fortune writing eMail campaigns…

Roadmap Tutorials: Find video and written tutorials on things like the basics of Search Engine Optimization or how to create and promote a Wordpress blog like this…

Ask Us: Ask your web-writing questions and get answers directly from the Wealthy Web Writer team and from industry experts.

Select your primary area of interest, then start to drill down to learn more about each niche until you’ve selected your future as a web writer!

Member Update: The Toll of Over-planning

By Heather Robson | August 13, 2019

Are you an over-planner? When you attempt to plan too much in a day, it can leave you feeling drained and frustrated. Try this approach instead…

Businessman doing competitive research

Reality Blog: What You Can Learn From Your Main Competitor

By Andrew Murray | August 9, 2019

Your competition is a gold mine of useful information. Take the time to thoroughly research them. Understand what they are doing well and what they could do better. And use what you learn to do better work.

Construction Cranes - Strong Foundation

Reality Blog: Should You Bother Building an Online Course?

By Andrew Murray | August 2, 2019

Is it worthwhile to build an online course or is that an alternative worth exploring? That’s the question Andrew Murray tackles in his latest Reality Blog.

Business Improvement Concept

Roving Report: 12 Ways to Improve Your Web Copywriting Skills

By Susanna Perkins | July 26, 2019

You have many options you can turn to, to begin improving your web copywriting skills — many of them, surprisingly, have nothing to do with writing. See 12 ways you can start becoming a better web writer immediately.

Colorful building blocks - fundamental skills concept

Reality Blog: The 7 Essential Ingredients of Writing a Winning Proposal

By Andrew Murray | July 26, 2019

You’ll land more clients if you’re able to write a great proposal. What’s the best way to structure a proposal? What are the secrets of writing a winning proposal? Here’s a 7-step breakdown.

5 Top Self-Publishing Projects You Can Start Today

By Zoe Blarowski | July 23, 2019

Self-publishing has come a long way in recent years, and information products and digital options for self-publishing are exploding. Learn about top self-publishing projects you can use to build your business.

Member Update: A Fun Exercise

By Heather Robson | July 22, 2019

Try this fun writing exercise to learn something new and develop your writing skills. Plus see what’s new and what’s coming up on Wealthy Web Writer.

Writing a Proposal for a Client

Reality Blog: The 4 Benefits of Writing Proposals for Clients

By Andrew Murray | July 19, 2019

A well-written proposal has four important benefits… for you and the prospective client. When you write a well-thought-out proposal for your client, you increase your odds of landing the project and head off potential miscommunications down the road.

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