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Questions to Ask When Writing a Financial Promotion

By John Torre | September 20, 2018

When writing a sales package for a financial product, or for any product, there are several key questions you want to ask before agreeing to the project… and definitely before you begin writing.

Writing Rituals: How Writers Can Use Rituals to Create Intention

By Kitty Navias | September 20, 2018

Use writing rituals to infuse your day with purpose and intention. See, step-by-step, how to create a ritual that will put you in the mood to write, help you enjoy the process more, and make it so you get more done.

Member Update: Do Your Best with What You Have

By Heather Robson | September 18, 2018

Sometimes, no matter how excited you are about a project, things don’t go as planned and you find yourself feeling frustrated. When that happens, just do the best you can with the circumstances in front of you.

Reality Blog: 10 Tips for Better Sleep: Why it’s a Crucial Element for Success

By Tracy Clement Wilson | September 14, 2018

For your well-being and for the sake of your business, you need to get plenty of restful, deep sleep. Use these ten tips for better sleep to get a quality night’s rest and be in peak form during the day.

Tips for Writing for the Health and Wellness Industry

By John Torre | September 13, 2018

The health and wellness industry is a vast and incredibly competitive area, with a lot of opportunities for writers. To succeed, you need to understand the demands of the market and the needs of the audience. Get started with these tips…

Member Update: The Flexibility of Freelancing

By Heather Robson | September 10, 2018

The flexibility of freelancing is a huge benefit. But it can also present a challenge. Here, you’ll find an approach you can use to take advantage of your scheduling flexibility without slipping behind on work.

Reality Blog: 5 Reasons to De-clutter Your Workspace (or Not)

By Tracy Clement Wilson | September 7, 2018

Clutter isn’t necessarily just a messy desk. It can pile up in other spaces too. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Whatever form it happens to take, it can all affect productivity.

Writing Tips for the Self-Improvement Industry

By John Torre | September 6, 2018

When writing for the self-improvement industry, there are steps you can take to connect with your reader and help them feel respected and motivated to buy.