The Reality Blog

Wealthy Web Writer’s Reality Blogger for 2019 is going to take you on a unique journey.

Andrew Murray has traded the daily grind of a 9 to 5 job for a life on the road. He and his wife Peta spend their days exploring Australia’s wide-open spaces, solitude and isolation. They’re experienced remote travelers, living a simple life on the road. They travel, work, and live in their 4×4 truck camper.

This year, Andrew plans to build his Money-Making Website Top Wire Traveller to the point where it provides a regular income… enough to sustain their lifestyle on the road.

And he’s going to share his progress every step of the way. From the goals he sets to the things he tries to the successes and the setbacks.

Watch for a new Reality Blog update each Friday, when Andrew will share his latest accomplishments, his newest insights, his current challenges, and much more.

The Reality Blog comes straight from a writer just like you. Connect with Andrew in the comments of his posts to bounce ideas off him, share roadblocks with him, and celebrate your achievements.

Reality Blog: On the Hunt for Passive Income — Do We Finally Have a Solution?

By Andrew Murray | November 29, 2019

What role does email play in a plan for passive income. A BIG one. Andrew Murray shares his plans for taking his Money-Making Website to the next level.

Reality Blog: You’re a Web Writer, Right? Well, You Need to Meet BERT… Right Now!

By Andrew Murray | November 22, 2019

The recent Google BERT update is a fantastic opportunity for web writers to discover exactly what questions their audience members are asking. See how it’s done…

pulling back a curtain to reveal a road

Reality Blog: Prepping, Sustaining, and Re-Balancing… A Lively Conversation!

By Andrew Murray | November 15, 2019

Have you ever thought about targeting a new market? It requires research, a lot of thought, and more than a little creativity. But it can be well worth it…

An old typewriter and candle - a special writing place

Reality Blog: Having Trouble Concentrating? Then Find Your Special Writing Place!

By Andrew Murray | November 8, 2019

It seems just about every writer has a special writing place, somewhere they can go to get into the writing zone. Andrew shares how he discovered his and how you can find yours.

A woman listening intently

Reality Blog: The 3 Essential Listening Skills You Need for Clear Communication

By Andrew Murray | November 1, 2019

Are you a good listener? Listening doesn’t come naturally to most people. But when you learn to listen, it can open a lot of doors. Discover three essential skills to help you listen better.

Computer with SEO concept

Reality Blog: How to Optimize WordPress Categories for SEO and Why It Matters

By Andrew Murray | October 25, 2019

Categories are often all but forgotten when it comes to search engine optimization. Optimizing your categories for SEO is an overlooked opportunity to bring more traffic to your site.

Reality Blog: How One Small Business Has Successfully Disrupted Their Industry

By Andrew Murray | October 18, 2019

Last week, I told you how a house painter gave me a refresher course in marketing. You might also recall we’re selling our house and downsizing. It turns out, this process of buying and selling is more enlightening than I could have ever imagined. How so? Well, we met a disrupter… a small business that’s […]

One orange pencil among many gray ones.

Reality Blog: What I Learned About Marketing from a House Painter

By Andrew Murray | October 11, 2019

Some marketing lessons come from surprising places. See what a house painter can show you about running your web-writing business and landing more clients.

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