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Welcome to the Wealthy Web Writer Tech Corner: Check out how-tos, recommendations, and demonstrations of tools that can help you increase your productivity, improve your organization, and boost your performance. Software You’re a web writer. You can’t finish your day-to-day tasks without software. You use it to browse the Internet, to write documents, to share documents, to store notes, to track time. Make sure you’re picking the best options for your needs and learn how to use them better. Explore software options… Websites As a web writer you live online. You find your research online. Your work appears online. Plenty of websites exist that can help make your life easier and more productive. But, it can be hard to find them. Here, you’ll find recommendations on websites you don’t want to miss. Check out the latest websites for writers… Add-Ins Make the tools you use do more. From WordPress plug-ins to toolbars you can add to your browser, you’ll find lots of tips and solutions to help make your work easier and more fun. Having the right technology at your fingertips helps leverage your time and boosts your satisfaction. Do more with everything…

What Is Web3 – The Future of the Internet or a Fantasy?

By Andrew Murray | April 22, 2022

Some view Web3 (or Web 3.0) as the future of the internet. The overall promise of Web3 is decentralizing power on the internet and putting your data back in your control… but will it work?

Tech Corner: Generate Inspiring Social Media Posts with Tailwind Create

By Andrew Murray | April 4, 2022

When social media plays a big role in helping people find your content, creating beautiful posts can be time-consuming. Tailwind Create makes it easy.

Missing puzzle piece - running marketing experiments

Unravelling the Mysteries of QR Codes

By Andrew Murray | February 25, 2022

QR Codes gained popularity during the pandemic, and they offer a lot of creative possibilities. Start thinking about how you could use QR codes to market your business, and how you could offer a “QR Code Package” to a client.

Old fashioned typewriting - writing inspiration concept

Tech Corner: 3 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word

By Andrew Murray | January 28, 2022

Free alternatives to MicroSoft Word do exist. Here, you’ll find three options and get some insights into how they compare with Word.

The 6 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for Web Writers

By Andrew Murray | December 31, 2021

The right free keyword research tools can help you connect with your audience, draw in more traffic, attract better targeted traffic, and generate ideas.

How to Use Keywords to Generate New Content Ideas

By Andrew Murray | December 3, 2021

If you’re sitting there staring at a blank screen, open a search engine and start typing. Google (or any other search engine) can quickly help you come up with oodles of relevant content ideas.

Google "G" colored on a stack of paper sitting on a pink carpet

What Is Search Intent and Why Does It Matter for Keyword Research?

By Andrew Murray | November 12, 2021

When doing your keyword research, it will go so much better if you understand the search intent behind the keywords. Discover five kinds of search intent and how to use them to do better keyword research.

Understanding the Benefits and Pitfalls of Project Management Software

By Andrew Murray | September 24, 2021

Project Management Software can be a valuable tool. If used properly, it can be a time-saver… especially on complicated projects with a lot of different parts. But it can also be a time waster if you don’t carefully choose your software and implement it thoughtfully.

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