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Here you’ll find resources that cover all aspects of writing for businesses. You can hone your web copy skills for B2B sites, learn more about writing case studies, or discover the world of white papers. Keep coming back, too, because if this is your primary area of interest, we’ll keep you well-informed so that you can offer more value to your customers and grow your business (and income!).

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7 Key Differences Between Business and Consumer Sales

By John Torre | October 18, 2019

The business-to-business sector is starved for good copywriters who understand the differences between B2B and B2C. Learn the key differences and start landing B2B clients.

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4 Types of Copy the Business-to-Business Market Needs Now

By John Torre | August 22, 2019

If your goal is to earn a full-time living as a copywriter — without having to write copy for long sales pages or direct-mail letters — focus on the business-to-business sector. Here you’ll find four in-demand b2b projects you can use to grow a six-figure income.

B2B Emails — A Huge Opportunity for Writers

By Heather Robson | February 20, 2019

Recorded: February 20, 2019: Writing business-to-business emails is a much-overlooked writing opportunity. These projects are fast and fun. Best of all, they pay really well. Learn more about this web-writing opportunity in this interview.

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Roving Report: A Review of Case Study Practice Assignments

By Susanna Perkins | January 18, 2019

Case studies pay well, they can be a lot of fun, and they’re not hard to write. These case study reviews will help you see what works in a case study and easy ways to make your own work stronger.

The Why, How, and When of Writing Subheads

By John Torre | January 17, 2019

Subheads are mini-headlines used to break up your copy, and they have several very specific purposes. Writing your subheads with that understanding will help you deliver stronger, more readable copy.

Roving Report: How to Conduct a Great Interview

By Susanna Perkins | January 11, 2019

If you can develop good interview skills, it can take you far. You can write better case studies, better white papers, and better articles. That will mean happy clients and more projects coming your way.

Key Differences Between Business and Consumer Marketing

By John Torre | December 20, 2018

When writing B2B copy, even though you need to structure your sales approach a bit differently, you have to remember that you’re still writing to another person with feelings, emotions, and insights. Keeping this in mind will help you be more successful.

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How to Conduct a Great Interview

By Wealthy Web Writer | July 24, 2018

Recorded: July 24, 2018: Conducting interviews is essential for writing a strong, engaging, and effective case study. In this session, Ed Gandia reveals his secrets for doing a great interview.

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