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The Art and Practice of Email-Based Marketing

Get tips, tricks and techniques for improving your open and click-through rate on your email and autoresponder campaigns. One small improvement can net you – and your client – thousands of dollars of increased income.

Setting the Tone with an Email Welcome Message — Practice Assignment Brief

By Wealthy Web Writer | October 8, 2018

When someone signs up for an email list, they often get a message that essentially says, “Welcome to our list. Thank you for subscribing.” Very boring. You can do much better. Try your hand at it our latest Practice Assignment.

Roving Report: Essentials of a Good Lead Magnet

By Susanna Perkins | October 5, 2018

Lead magnets can provide a steady source of income for your web-writing business in two ways — use them to build your own email list, and then offer the same service to clients. See what goes into creating a great lead magnet…

Member Update: A Quick Formula for an Effective Email Lift Note

By Heather Robson | September 24, 2018

An email lift note is a short piece of copy crafted with the sole purpose of getting a reader to click through on a link to learn more about a product or service. As a web writer, learning to write a great lift note can open a lot of doors for you.

Email Lift Note – A Live Review

By Wealthy Web Writer | September 21, 2018

Live: September 27, 2018: In this webinar, we’ll do a live review of lift note submissions sent in by members. See how a strong lift note comes together. You’ll discover what works, common pitfalls to avoid, and much more.

Writing an Email Lift Note that Gets Clicks — Practice Assignment Brief

By Wealthy Web Writer | September 17, 2018

Many, many companies find email to be their most lucrative marketing channel. They can start conversations, nurture leads, and make sales. And you can help. Try your hand at email marketing with this practice lift note.

Email Etiquette Tips for Coming Across as a Professional

By John Torre | August 16, 2018

Most people in business send and receive thousands of emails per year. To help you look your professional best, use these tips to perfect your email etiquette.

Lead Magnet Practice Assignment

By Wealthy Web Writer | June 18, 2018

Recorded: June 18, 2018: A well-crafted lead generation piece can do more than just help you build your list. It can establish your expertise and authority, helping you build trust with your prospects as well. Get tips for writing stronger lead magnets in this live review of real bait pieces.

5 Simple Steps to a Lead Magnet That Pulls

By Jim Wright | June 6, 2018

In today’s crowded internet world, there’s a tremendous amount of list-building fatigue. It’s getting harder and harder to entice people to share their email addresses. So, you need a powerful lead magnet that pulls. One that gets your target audience to happily sign up.