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As a freelance web writer, you’ll encounter many different kinds projects. Discover tips, hints, insights and techniques that will help you write superior copy for the web.

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User Experience Copywriting: Special Access for Wealthy Web Writer Members

By Wealthy Web Writer | April 7, 2020

More and more, companies are embracing a user-focused culture. And with that change comes a growing demand for writers who understand User Experience. Discover the fundamentals of UX copywriting in this “special access” presentation.

The Fundamental Elements of Persuasive Writing

By John Torre | April 2, 2020

There are eight elements of persuasive writing that you should work to include in every promotional piece you write. When you do, you’ll see your response rates soar, and you’ll grow a list of happy clients who keep coming back.

Six Tips for Writing Technical Product Copy

By John Torre | March 26, 2020

What do you need to know when given a technical writing assignment so you can do the best job possible for your client? Here are some simple guidelines to follow…

Roving Report: How to Build a Winning Swipe File

By Susanna Perkins | March 21, 2020

As a copywriter, you’ve probably heard about Swipe Files, a useful collection of copy that you study for ideas. A Swipe File is that — and so much more!

4 Steps to Selecting a Winning Premium

By John Torre | March 19, 2020

Choosing the right premium to include with your offer can make a huge difference in your response rate. See why some premiums work and other premiums fall flat…

Practice Assignment: Product Page Live Review

By Susanna Perkins | March 14, 2020

Since e-commerce companies usually include a product page for every item they sell, these provide a tremendous opportunity for writers. Discover the ins and outs of writing a good product page.

5 Questions You Must Know the Answers to Before Trying to Sell Something

By John Torre | March 12, 2020

Whether you’re writing copy online or offline, there are five basic questions you need the answers to before you try to make a sale.

5 Steps That Make It Easier for Your Reader to Act

By Heather Robson | March 11, 2020

Whether you write copy or content, you need a strong call to action if you want to get a desired result. Use these tips to write a better call to action for whatever project you’re working on.

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