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As a freelance web writer, you’ll encounter many different kinds projects. Discover tips, hints, insights and techniques that will help you write superior copy for the web.

7 Fundraising Power Writing Tips to Launch the New Year

By John Torre | January 10, 2019

No matter which niche you choose to pursue, you’ll need to apply basic copywriting fundamentals. The trick… and what makes good niche writers great… is knowing how to “customize” those good practices for the niche in.

52 Writing Prompts for Wealthy Web Writers

By Michele Peterson | January 8, 2019

Stuck on what to write? Every writer experiences that sometimes. These 52 writing prompts for web writers can help you get some forward momentum… whether you need ideas for a client project or for your own website.

Reality Blog: Keep Them Reading with a Compelling Story

By Tracy Clement Wilson | December 21, 2018

Weaving a compelling story into your writing, whether it’s a sales promotion or an editorial piece, can help grab your reader’s attention and hold onto it for longer.

Key Differences Between Business and Consumer Marketing

By John Torre | December 20, 2018

When writing B2B copy, even though you need to structure your sales approach a bit differently, you have to remember that you’re still writing to another person with feelings, emotions, and insights. Keeping this in mind will help you be more successful.

The Importance of Setting Goals and Objectives Before Writing

By John Torre | December 13, 2018

The first step to take before writing your next sales promotion — even before you do any research or interviews — is to set your project goals and objectives. If you don’t set a target, you won’t know if you’ve hit it.

Harness This Common Mistake to Make Your Writing Stronger

By Heather Robson | December 12, 2018

Most writers warm up, whether they realize it or not. If you’re going to do it anyway, you might as well do it in a deliberate, productive way, so you can deliver a stronger result to your client. Check out these warm-up exercises that will have you writing at your best.

Acknowledge and Deal With Your Prospect’s Primary Objection

By John Torre | December 6, 2018

The way to approach a sales objection is to meet it head-on. Learn to identify prospect objections and then overcome them in your copy in an honest, straightforward way.

8 Winning Strategies for Writing Attention-Grabbing Video Scripts

By Kathy Manweiler | December 5, 2018

Video is winning the attention wars on the Internet. There’s a sky-high demand, which spells big opportunity for you. See how you can write video scripts that will engage viewers and keep them watching.