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As a freelance web writer, you’ll encounter many different kinds projects. Discover tips, hints, insights and techniques that will help you write superior copy for the web.

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5 Common Website Types and How to Write for Each

By Rebekah Mays | July 1, 2020

The first step in nailing a website project is understanding what type of website your client is using. See how to write for five of the most common types of websites… with examples.

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7 Simple Ways to Improve Copy Conversion

By John Torre | June 25, 2020

Your clients look for a lot of things in a writer, but one thing will always be important. The results your words bring in. Use these seven ideas to improve copy conversion rates.

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Member Update: Making an Emotional Connection

By Heather Robson | June 22, 2020

Does your writing connect emotionally with your reader? If you’re not sure how to make an emotional connection through your words, you’ll find three tips here to help…

5 Strategies for Serving Your Nonprofit Clients Through Trying Times

By John Torre | May 28, 2020

During times of uncertainty, like we’re facing now, nonprofits need to focus on staying connected with their donors, be up front and honest about future needs, collaborate with worthwhile causes, and spend their marketing dollars wisely.

Live Review – Homepage Practice Assignment

By Heather Robson | May 28, 2020

Recorded: May 28, 2020: In this live review, see what you need to keep in mind when crafting a homepage, how to review your own work, and how to make your writing and approach as strong as possible.

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5 Disciplines to Help You Meet Reader Expectations

By John Torre | May 21, 2020

Part of successful writing is being able to meet reader expectations. Explore five content issues that will help you keep those expectations in mind, and deliver a better result for your client.

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9 Tips for Increasing Landing Page Conversion Rates

By John Torre | May 14, 2020

Whether your goal is to sell a product directly from a client’s landing page, ask visitors to download a free white paper, or promote a webinar or demonstration, higher conversion rates are better!

Member Update – Three Big Homepage Questions

By Heather Robson | May 11, 2020

When starting on a homepage project, there are questions you need to ask first if you want to deliver what your client is expecting. These three will get you started…

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