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Should I specialize in one kind of web writing?

By Heather Robson | August 10, 2014

There are pros and cons that come with specializing in one type of web writing. Specializing positions you as the expert in a particular field; this puts your work in higher demand, and you can start charging more for your services. However, the expansive opportunity that comes with generalizing can quickly land you projects … […]

How can a copywriter expand their business?

By Heather Robson | August 10, 2014

You can expand your web-writing business by offering additional services or even products. Knowledge gained from your web copywriting training equips you with skills that, if utilized, can be profitable for your copywriting business. Below are some examples of additional services you can offer your clients: Website planning Site Audits Editorial strategizing (Building an Editorial Calendar) […]

What should I do when I’m feeling stuck?

By Heather Robson | June 8, 2014

No matter how long you have been writing, whether you’re new to the industry or a veteran who has been doing this for years, writer’s block happens to everyone. Do not worry, though! There are ways to overcome the block and the overall feeling of being stuck. The fix can be as simple as taking […]

How do I ask my clients for testimonials?

By Heather Robson | June 8, 2014

We know that asking former or current clients for testimonials can be an intimidating thing to do. Although it may seem a bit blunt, it’s OK to simply say “may I please have a testimonial?” If you aren’t comfortable with being that straightforward, check out one of Mindy McHorse’s techniques for asking for testimonials in […]

How should I handle it when a project falls through?

By Heather Robson | June 8, 2014

How do I leave the door open for future projects? Sometimes, for whatever reason, projects fall through. Whether it is because of a change in your client’s plans or the project unintentionally got put on the backburner, it happens. If the project got lost in the midst of your client’s chaos, that doesn’t necessarily mean […]

Do I tell my clients I have a day job?

By Heather Robson | June 5, 2014

As long as you make time to check your email and voice messages during your lunch break or periodically throughout the day, I don’t think you need to let clients know you have a day job, or your specific work hours. Just meet your deadlines. You can let them know to expect response to emails […]

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