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What is personal branding and is it important to me as a web writer?

By Heather Robson | August 10, 2014

Personal branding is the process of developing a web presence to market yourself.  A personal brand is the combination of the information presented across all web mediums including your website, blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You’re a WEB writer, so you definitely need to develop an online presence. After all, clients will be hiring you […]

How do I ask my clients for referrals?

By Heather Robson | June 8, 2014

A good portion of a freelancer’s projects come from referrals, and we must not forget how powerful of a technique word of mouth is.  But how do we ask? And when is the right time? Let clients know up-front that your freelance business is referral-based and you will be asking for a referral upon completion […]

How do I find clients?

By Heather Robson | June 8, 2014

First things first — determine your niche. Choosing a niche (an industry or specialty) narrows down the list of potential clients and gives you more credibility as a writer. The best place to start when it comes to finding clients is with people you know. Tell your family, friends, accountant, doctor, local restaurant owner, go-to […]

What is the best industry for web writers to work in?

By Heather Robson | June 8, 2014

Establishing yourself as the go-to web writer in a particular industry is a proven technique for getting clients, finding writing opportunities, and increasing your fees. Expert content copywriter and strategist Pam Foster has identified some of the hottest markets. Some of them might surprise you! Here are 10 of the hottest markets: Medical and Pharmaceutical […]

Where are the best places to find web-writing jobs?

By Heather Robson | June 4, 2014

There are a bunch of websites for freelancers to search for job opportunities. I’m sure you’ve heard of Monster, LinkedIn, Indeed, and SimplyHired, but there are also sites created specifically for freelancers like you! oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, and Flex Jobs are some of the popular sites used by freelancers (especially those starting out). But if […]

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