How do I find clients?

First things first — determine your niche. Choosing a niche (an industry or specialty) narrows down the list of potential clients and gives you more credibility as a writer.

The best place to start when it comes to finding clients is with people you know. Tell your family, friends, accountant, doctor, local restaurant owner, go-to dry cleaning company … Tell EVERYONE! You never know who needs help revamping their website, drafting their weekly blogs, advice regarding their SEO strategy, or someone to manage their social media platforms.

When reaching out to these people and informing them of your web-writing services, remember to emphasize how your copy, guidance, and support will benefit them and their company.

As Joshua Boswell reminds us …

“Nobody will hire you just because they know you. They will hire you because they believe you can solve a problem for them.”

To learn what to do after you’ve contacted prospective clients, check out Joshua’s recent webinar about finding and landing clients. You can find the Roving Report recap by Susanna Perkins here.

A final note: If you’re interested in pursuing paid writing work via sites like Elance, or need a proven self-marketing system to help you get started, check out Winton Churchill’s How to Land Clients in 21 Days program. It could give you a great jump-start.

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