Do I need a website?

As Rebecca Matter says: Yes. Yes. 100% Yes.

There are so many reasons why you should create a website for your freelance business. Here are a few of my favorite …

First of all, you are a WEB writer! A prospective client might find it a bit strange if someone who WRITES for the Web doesn’t have a web page of their own!

Second, it’s a great way to showcase your writing style. Just think about it. There’s the Home page… the About page… the Products & Services page… the Contact page… a Blog… and any other content you want to include! All of these pages serve as samples of your writing style… all while promoting your freelance business!

Third, it’s a one-stop-shop for clients to learn about you, your services, your experience, your fees, etc.

It can act as a lead generator, too. For example, offering a free report or newsletter subscription is a way to collect email addresses and keep in touch with those who have visited your site.

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