Learn the intricacies of building your own Money-Making website, or get new tricks and tips on PPC marketing, shopping carts, or landing pages that you can use to deliver bigger, better results for your clients.


6 Beginning Strategies for Facilitating Online Sales

If some of your clients are not yet selling online, now is the perfect time to talk to them about launching an e-commerce store. And who better to help them with the copy and content, than you?

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7 Mistakes to Avoid in Designing an E-Commerce Site

Learn common e-commerce mistakes to avoid. When you remove these errors from your website, you’ll be way ahead of the competition.

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Elements to Include in an E-commerce Site That Sells

If you have an e-commerce site, there are elements you need to make it successful, and there are things you want to avoid. Find out which is which…

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PPC Campaign Results Revealed!

This month, learn how to track, analyze, and improve the results of your pay-per-click marketing campaign. PPC campaign results revealed.

Prospect Persuasion Begins with Analyzing Market Desires

Market desires are something that exist, not that you create. So when you write sales copy, you must understand those desires if you hope to succeed.

Roving Report: PPC Marketing Tests That Make a Big Difference

If you’ve been shying away from testing PPC campaigns, fear no more. Christina Gillick walks you through the testing process and it’s easy!

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Anatomy of a 61.3% Opt-in Rate Squeeze Page

Recorded: September 28th, 2011
Sid Smith shares his success tips for increasing squeeze page response rates and breaks down the anatomy of a successful squeeze page.

The Overlooked Secrets to a Successful PPC Campaign

Recorded: September 15th, 2011
Learn timeless secrets to a successful PPC campaign in this pre-recorded webinar with Andrew Palmer.

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