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Your clients and prospects are on social media, and they need your help. Make sure you're on top of your social media game with the resources you find here.

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How to Write a LinkedIn Headline that Makes Prospects Sit Up and Take Notice

Your LinkedIn title is not really about you. It’s about the unique value you offer to your prospects. Make wise use of the limited space you have to work with, and you’ll attract more attention from your ideal clients.

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Roving Report: Social Media Planning

Social media is a fun and effective way for businesses to connect with potential customers. If you haven’t yet created a social media marketing plan, get some practice in by creating one for your own business.

Video Editing

The Rise of Video in Social Media – and What it Means to You

Recorded: June 17, 2019: One thing that’s working on nearly every social media platform is video. In this webinar event, Nick Usborne explores the role of video in social media… and what it means for writers like you.

Popular Selections

Writing Lessons From NFL Great Cris Carter

Use these writing lessons pulled from professional football to hone your skills and become the kind of web writer that you want to be … successful!

Roving Report: Building Your Twitter Presence – A Beginner’s Guide

Building your Twitter presence can help you make connections with people in your industry and can help you grow your reputation. A beginner’s guide.

Optimizing Headlines for Search Engines and Social Media

Headlines convince readers to read. They help with search engine rankings. They can also increase your shares. Write better headlines for search engines and social.

Featured Social Media Events

Turn Twitter Into a Powerful Web-Writing Tool

Recorded: February 14th, 2012
Web Writer and experienced Twitter user, Alexis Rodrigo, joins Wealthy Web Writer to talk about how you can use Twitter more effectively.

Social Media and the Mobile Web

Recorded: January 19th, 2012
Find out what mobile marketing means for web writers and how it intersects with social media.

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