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Dear Web Writer,

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can easily eliminate the most common web-writing mistakes and start making the money you’ve been dreaming of.

Our proven “auto-correcting” system — which you’re about to discover — is the secret behind many web writers’ incredible successes like …

  • Mindy McHorse — who went from $17,000 her first year as a writer … to bringing in $100,593 in projects just 2 years later!
  • Roy Furr — who left his full-time job and literally wrote the book on making the leap. He was also awarded the AWAI $10K Challenge at the 2010 Bootcamp!
  • Christina Gillick — who after learning from her mistakes — got her first paying project within a few weeks. Her first year as a full-time web writer, she made over $86,000!

And, of course, there’s Pam Foster — Certified SEO Copywriter and Web Content Consultant — who said this about the system:

“I can’t imagine running my business without being part of this valuable resource.”

There are many more stories like this, but you may be wondering …

“Am I making any of the 5 common mistakes?!”

The answer may well be “Yes.” But, don’t worry … you can change all that today …

The 5 Most Common
Web-Writing Mistakes — Revealed!

1) Trying to “Get By” With a Flawed or Unproven Plan

When it comes to your career, the fastest way to succeed is with a plan — a proven one created by web writers who have already achieved success …

You wouldn’t go on a journey to a new destination without a map, GPS, or someone to show you the way … So why set out to become a successful web writer without your own career map?

That’s why, no matter what your goal is — to leave a full-time job, make a nice side income, or reach six-figures — our system includes tools you can use today to quickly move down the path to success.

2) Expecting to Make It With the "Free" Advice You Find Online

A lot of information about web writing exists online … but it’s often outdated, unreliable, or just plain wrong.

Rely on that and there’s a good chance you’ll wind up going in circles … if you ever start moving at all …

That’s why we brought in the top web writers and experts in the industry to help us develop a system that breaks down all barriers for new writers … and helps experienced web writers reach new heights.

Our experts have proven their techniques over and over again … and, if you have any questions at all, you can rely on quick, accurate answers — unlike what you’ll find scattered across the Web.

3) Not Knowing What Happened Online in the Past Week

With more than 10 million new web pages added to the Internet each day — according to Metamend, Search Marketing Experts — it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything and still have time to write …

That’s why a major part of our successful system is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the most relevant changes in this fast-paced industry …

4) Pricing Your Services Too Low

This is probably the most common mistake I see.

The majority of web writers I speak with are worried about pricing their services too high and losing projects …

Sadly, they’re doing just the opposite! They’re pricing their services too LOW — way too low.

That’s why our “auto-correcting” system includes an exclusive tool that quickly and easily shows you exactly what you should charge for your valuable services.

You’ll never worry again that the wrong price quote will ruin your chance of landing a project …

Fear of overcharging will become a thing of the past …

You’ll be able to quote with confidence — each and every time!

5) Doing Everything Alone

Freelance web writing can be a lonely occupation — especially when you’re trying to figure it out on your own …

And, when you need advice and support, you’re not sure where to turn …

It can be difficult to make real connections — and even harder to figure out who you can trust …

That’s why our system gives you a place for camaraderie and support on your journey.

Nick Usborne — an expert web writer who helped create this system — had this to say:

“It provides you with resources and support from within a trusted community of experts and peers. Within that community, we take care of one another. This is golden, because across the Web as a whole, there are too many distractions, too many scams, and too many ways to become sidetracked, disoriented, and lost.”

Our system — which is the only one of its kind — solves all that and more …

You see, these are just the most common mistakes. There are many more … and unfortunately, way too many web writers make them every single day.

That’s why our system is specifically designed to eliminate each and every mistake as it comes up …

But, that’s not all …

This one-of-a-kind “auto-correcting” system goes far beyond correcting common mistakes …

It gives you the information, resources, motivation, and support you need for every step of your journey …

What is this “Auto-Correcting” System?

The system I’m talking about is called Wealthy Web Writer.

Simply put, it’s a membership website for beginning and experienced web writers … born from my desire to help people succeed, live on their own terms, and make the income they want to make …

I call it “auto-correcting” because — just like a word processor that auto-corrects spelling and grammar mistakes — Wealthy Web Writer quickly and easily corrects common mistakes of web writers.

From flawed plans to the single most common mistake that web writers make — which I’ll explain more about in just a minute — Wealthy Web Writer was designed to “auto-correct” it all …

My name is Rebecca Matter.

Over the past several years, I’ve worked directly with all kinds of web writers …

Those just getting started … those preparing to leave a full-time job … and even those who are already successful and want to take it to the next level.

An All-in-One Resource
for Your Web-Writing Needs

Among all these web writers, I noticed they could — and would — succeed faster and easier with a specific all-in-one resource …

I imagined a place for all web writers to come for direction, information, feedback, and ongoing education …

With 24/7 access to motivation, encouragement, and inspiration …

Complete with step-by-step plans to make any web-writing goal easier and more enjoyable to achieve …

Where web writers would meet and get to know people with similar goals and dreams …

And, easily find new web copy assignments — even if they’re complete beginners …

A place where web writers would do more than succeed — they would blow the doors off their web-writing careers!

But, no resource like this existed …

That is, until now …

Log In Today, Banish Your Blunders Instantly

From the moment you log in to Wealthy Web Writer, you’ll have instant access to our “auto-correcting” system — you’ll never worry about making those five common mistakes …

But, that’s not all … you’ll also get …

  • A team of people dedicated to giving you only the most relevant, proven information you need to be successful as a web writer. Say “Goodbye” to information overload!
  • 100% complete confidence that every step you take is getting you closer to your goal. With instant access to the experts’ proven plans, “reinventing the wheel” will be a thing of the past!
  • A generous support network — of both peers and experts. You’ll never be alone on your journey. Instead, you’ll be guided, supported, and inspired every step of the way.

Of course, there’s more — much, much more …

But, before I go on — and tell you how to log in — let’s talk about one of the most exciting aspects of Wealthy Web Writer — the Job Board …

The Hidden Resource Where
You’re Paid to Learn and Improve

“I think any writer — whether he or she is just starting out, or he or she has been online for years — can benefit from the Wealthy Web Writer site. You'll gain access to a community of people who are rooting for your success — plus best practice writing information from a source you trust. Your membership is a great investment in you and your business.”

— Heather Lloyd-Martin
SEO Pioneer

One of the things you’ll see as soon as you log in to Wealthy Web Writer is our Job Board — or access to a regularly updated stream of paid web assignments from some of the top online companies …

One of Wealthy Web Writer’s biggest goals is to provide a place where you can easily find new web copy assignments …

That place is the Wealthy Web Writer Job Board — perfect for connecting with clients and getting great projects.

From content creation to Search Engine Optimization … you’re sure to find projects that suit you — even if you’re a beginner …

In fact, the Job Board is where many Wealthy Web Writers got their start!

So whether you’re looking for your first project or to fill your schedule, your dream client could be waiting for you there now.

Insider Access to Great Web-Writing Projects

Plus, AWAI and Wealthy Web Writer regularly post web copy assignments on the Job Board. As a Wealthy Web Writer member, you’ll get first dibs on these projects for Wealthy Web Writer.

The Job Board is a great way to add to your copy portfolio and make some serious money!

And, because Wealthy Web Writer includes all the information you need, it’s completely realistic for you to log in today, find a client this week, and then use the resources in Wealthy Web Writer to complete the project professionally and quickly.

You can get paid to improve your web-writing skills while working with real clients!

But that’s not all …

Once you start working with clients — whether you meet them through the Job Board or somewhere else — you’ll have everything you need to deliver the best copy possible.

You’ll get templates, step-by-step directions, access to the experts, and even feedback so you’ll write impressive copy every time!

Let’s take a closer look …

Everything You Need For a Successful
Web-Writing Career — All in One Place

Wealthy Web Writer has all the information and tools you need to become more successful as a web writer right away …

Whether you’re just curious about web writing, a complete beginner, or an experienced web writer …

Wealthy Web Writer is the single, all-in-one resource you need for doing an amazing job on any web-writing project — from writing a winning proposal to delivery of the final copy …

You could even log in now and apply for paying projects today — if you’re ambitious!

And — because Wealthy Web Writer is so complete — you won’t have to chart your own route …

You don’t even have to know what’s coming up later …

To reach success, just follow the proven steps already outlined by real, working web writers …

Your Key to Complete Career Confidence

Our complete and proven step-by-step lessons are called roadmaps — and we’ve included one for pretty much any web-writing goal you can imagine.

You’ll be able to choose your ideal niche based on your passions, personal experience, strengths, and weaknesses.

And then you’ll get a step-by-step guide — for your particular niche — to guarantee you’re making all the right moves as you advance in your career …

Take, for example, Mindy McHorse’s Roadmap series — The 12-Step Roadmap to Becoming A Well-Paid, Working Web Writer.

Over the course of a year, Mindy documented her entire journey as it happened — leaving no detail to question.

After Mindy reached her goal of earning six-figures in a year, she compiled the essential lessons she learned into an easy-to-follow series.

You’ll learn exactly what Mindy wrote, how she marketed herself, what she charged, and how much money she made — and exactly how you can replicate every step along the way.

It’s the perfect step-by-step plan — taking you from where you are now to a wildly successful web writer.

Plus, any potential mistakes are already “auto-corrected” for you!

Other step-by-step plans inside Wealthy Web Writer are:

  • “Build Your Freelance Website With WordPress” where I’ll show you exactly what to do to launch your own freelance website that makes a great first impression on potential clients.
  • “Archie Bunker used to tell Edith it's a jungle out there. I think that description suits the Internet very well. Now that I'm part of Wealthy Web Writer, I can skip all the aggravation and go straight to the source for any answer I need.”

    — Anna Morris
    Web Copywriter, California

    Then there’s “Become a Web Writer.” In this roadmap, Joshua Boswell — who makes over $300K a year as a copywriter — reveals exactly what you need to do to land clients fast and succeed as a web writer. Just follow each step to develop complete confidence in your abilities and start getting paid fast.
  • “Quick-Start Business Building Series.” In this roadmap, I’ll — along with experts Mindy McHorse, Pam Foster, and Joshua Boswell — take you on a guided journey to success. No question will be unanswered as we take you through building and growing your business, making a plan, selecting a niche, and finding and landing high-quality clients.

So, no matter what your goal is — to leave a full-time job, make a nice side income, or reach six-figures — we have a roadmap for you in Wealthy Web Writer.

And, That’s Just The Beginning …

When you log in to Wealthy Web Writer today, you could choose a roadmap, follow it’s proven steps, and reach success, but …

Because everyone is different — and at different levels of their career — we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure no questions are left unanswered …

Wealthy Web Writer also includes:

Video Tutorials

Wealthy Web Writer is packed with valuable video tutorials on everything from social media advice to presenting web copy to your first client.

But, there’s no need for you to watch them all immediately … They’ll be there as long as you’re a member so you can check in, increase your knowledge, and get your questions answered at your convenience.


Because we host several webinars each month — sometimes four or more — the content in Wealthy Web Writer has exploded over the past few years!

Wealthy Web Writer now has 170+ webinars covering every topic you can imagine — from detailed training to inspirational stories.

But, don’t worry — there’s no reason for you to rush through them.

As long as you’re a member, you’ll have complete access to all these webinars.

You can pick and choose the ones that will help you the most …

Need confidence?

Watch the webinar where expert copywriter, Henry Bingaman, reveals how he quit his full-time job to be a freelance copywriter just one month after attending Web Intensive.

Can’t choose a niche?

Tune into the webinar where Pam Foster explains how she chose a niche and landed 7 major clients in just a few weeks — with one of them totaling $30,000 worth of work …

These are just a few examples of what’s waiting for you in Wealthy Web Writer …

There are also webinars on content marketing, Google Authorship, SEO, social media, getting clients, pricing … and more are added all the time!

While these webinars will be available to non-members for $79 each, you’ll get them all FREE as a member of Wealthy Web Writer!

Wealthy Web Writer has everything you need to succeed, but … it gets better …

The Web Copy Project Pricing Guide

The number one question asked by web writers is …

“How much should I charge for my web-writing services?”

They’re asking because they’re worried about pricing their services too high … and losing projects …

Sadly, they’re doing the opposite!

They’re pricing their services too LOW — much too low.

It’s the biggest mistake web writers make …

You see, standard pricing guides — like what you find across the Internet — fail to take into account things like your experience, your niche, your time investment … and countless other factors.

They also don’t show you how to present your rates in a way that makes your client say, “Yes!”

“Writing can be a lonely occupation. Then, if you have a question or get stuck, the only person to ask for help is Google, who will give you 100,000 ‘answers’ …

“Having a one-stop resource that can answer my toughest questions will let me spend less time lost on Google and more time on the fun parts of writing.”

— Henry Bingaman
Web Copywriter, Pennsylvania

Luckily, with our exclusive pricing tool, you’ll be able to easily set the rates that are right for you and quote with confidence — every time — starting today!

Just open our comprehensive Pricing Guide and follow the simple directions to price any project for any client — no matter what skill level you feel you are at currently.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll learn how to value your services now and get a great rate on your very first paying project …

Or, if you’re already a working web writer, you’ll learn how to price your services so you’re making the income you dream about …

Either way, you’ll never wonder if the wrong price quote ruined your chance of landing a project …

And, fear of pricing will be a thing of the past …

No Question Left Unanswered

“Being a member here will help to ease that lonely feeling, that fear of making a mistake, that fear of not knowing enough. I want to be a $100,000-per-year copywriter instead of $1,200-a-year copywriter.

“Wealthy Web Writer will give me what I need to realize my dream and be the woman, the mom, the copywriter I want to be …”

—TaKeshia Watson
North Carolina

Whether you’re just starting — or a working professional — questions are likely to come up …

Maybe you’re wondering, “How much should I charge for a 600-word article?” or “When should I send my client an invoice?”

Either way — no matter what question you have about web writing, we have an answer or we’ll find it …

Want to learn how to get started with social media?

Ready to make the leap, but need some specific advice?

The Wealthy Web Writer Knowledge Library likely already has several articles, videos, and webinars answering your exact question. Just type your question into our “Search” bar and you’ll have instant access to whatever advice you need.

And if for some reason, you can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know and we’ll add it in a thorough, accurate, and timely manner.

If you’d like to see more webinars about keyword research … Money-Making Websites … getting clients … or whatever … let us know and we’ll get to work on it.

Personalized Help from
Web-Writing Experts and Peers

Wealthy Web Writer truly is a “one-stop-shop” for your web-writing success. It includes everything we’ve already talked about, but also direct and ongoing access to real web-writing experts.

From the webinars to the Forum, you’ll be able to network with and ask the experts your most pressing questions …

Here are just a few of the experts you’ll have access to:

  • Web guru and Money-Making Website expert Nick Usborne
  • Six-figure web writer and Reality Blogger Mindy McHorse
  • Master Copywriter and best-selling author Bob Bly
  • SEO pioneer Heather Lloyd-Martin
  • Email copy wizard Jay White
  • And many more — in fact, this list is always growing!

Plus, there’s the exclusive Wealthy Web Writer Forum where experts regularly pop in to answer questions …

Ever have a question you just can’t find the answer to?

That’s what the Forum is for and — because we’ve all been beginners at some point — there are never any “silly questions.”

Stop by any time to ask your peers for a copy critique or a website review … ask Nick Usborne his opinion on your Money-Making Website topic … or ask Jay White about subject lines …

The sky is the limit when it comes to the topics and questions you bring up on the Forum.

The Web is Constantly Growing, Adjusting, and Changing … Tune in for the Latest Opportunities

“The connections I've made as a copywriter have been the single biggest factor in growing my career.

“This website will let me connect with other web writers and share in-the-trenches battle stories, swap tips and best practices, and give and receive feedback from writers in the know.

“Gaining these connections will pay off many times over through my career.”

— Roy Furr
Web Copywriter, Nebraska

One thing about the Web is it’s always changing.

That’s why Wealthy Web Writer is always growing and improving …

And why I’m always looking for new, faster ways for web writers to move from “aspiring” to “professional” and highly paid!

For instance, you’ll be the first to know about new opportunities in web writing like …

  • Cause Marketing — where a for-profit business works with a nonprofit to raise money for a cause often while boosting the traffic to their own business. Find out why it’s growing by leaps and bounds — and how you can take advantage of this hot new niche!
  • Online Video Marketing — the future of online video, and what you can do to take advantage of it. Also, learn how to leverage its power in your own businesses and how best to offer video services to clients.
  • Online Content — and the major opportunities it offers web writers. Plus, how content producers can command attention, create engagement, and generally influence people in the new media revolution.

And, that’s just a taste of the new things to come …

We’re constantly adding more information and resources to Wealthy Web Writer like:

  • Heather Lloyd-Martin’s SEO Update – If you’re writing for the web, keeping up with SEO is essential. But, don’t worry – we have you covered with expert advice from SEO pioneer, Heather Lloyd-Martin. In this webinar, Heather explains Google’s Hummingbird update including what you need to know to eliminate SEO confusion and move forward.

    She also debunks the myth that “guest blogging is dead” and reveals timeless SEO strategies that have worked for years and will continue working in the future.

    Plus, you’ll learn the number one secret to SEO success (hint: it has nothing to do with Google!).

  • 5 Proven Strategies to Land New Clients – In this session, I – Rebecca Matter – will give you the inside scoop on identifying, approaching, and landing the best kind of clients… those who value your work.

    You’ll also learn exactly what I would do today if I were building a web writing business from the ground up including – my top recommended method for approaching a potential client, things you should never say when introducing yourself to a client, and a fool-proof strategy to have clients coming to you.

With regular additions like these, it’s no surprise that Wealthy Web Writer has become THE resource for web writers 

In fact, Wealthy Web Writer was named in Writer’s Digest's 2013 "101 Best Websites for Writers" … and our mission is to keep growing and improving to help you — and your fellow web writers — achieve your goals and live your dreams!

Ready to Log In to Success?

“My Wealthy Web Writer membership complements and enriches my copywriting education and can be your ticket to a better life also. Join me and so many others as we share the journey together.”

— Joe Goodale
Web Copywriter, Arizona

When you join Wealthy Web Writer today, you’ll be able to log in immediately. You’ll get access to everything mentioned above — and a whole lot more.

But, before I tell you how to log in, there’s one thing I want to make sure you understand:

Wealthy Web Writer is a community and a membership club.

This means …

  • As a member, you’ll play an active role in Wealthy Web Writer, so if there is anything we could do to make you more successful, let us know, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.
  • Wealthy Web Writer relies on your interaction. It’s NOT a place where everyone listens as an Internet “guru” dishes out advice … Instead, it’s tailored for you to grow and improve, with answers to your specific questions and personalized feedback.
  • Wealthy Web Writer is full of like-minded people and your peers are just as serious about being successful as you are. Like you, they see the value of a community to help guide, aid, and motivate you as you progress in your career.
  • We’re all basically on the same journey with similar goals. And, we face similar challenges and obstacles. Wealthy Web Writer gives us a place to meet, pool our resources, and help each other become successful sooner.
  • To become a member, we’re going to ask you to pay a modest membership fee each month. However … Wealthy Web Writer is likely to be the least expensive investment you’ll make in your business!

And, I’m confident it will be the most profitable …

Get Your Catalyst to Web-Writing Success

I honestly feel that Wealthy Web Writer is priceless.

Consider for a moment what your membership will mean to your career …

The motivation, expertise, and support network …

The income you can make as a web writer …

Ongoing access to some of the most knowledgeable people in our industry …

The roadmaps (which a consultant could easily charge $250+ for) …

The webinars that sell to non-members for $79 each …

The special reports — like the Pricing Guide …

The Forum … the video tutorials … the Job Board …

And, the option to write for us! Even if this is the only benefit you take advantage of, pick up just one project per month and your membership will be paid for many times over!

So — although I feel Wealthy Web Writer is priceless — I don’t want to leave anyone out …

That’s why I’m offering you a chance to test drive the Wealthy Web Writer Platinum membership for only $1.

And if you decide to stay a member after the month is up, you’ll pay only $29 a month – instead of the regular $49 monthly fee.

But this $1 test drive offer is only available until October 31st at midnight. On November 1st, the monthly membership will jump back to $49.

For less than you’d pay for one report, tool, resource, or webinar somewhere else — you’ll get everything inside Wealthy Web Writer …

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll have all the ongoing encouragement, advice, connections, resources, and educational tools you need to start making serious money as a freelance web writer now!

Click here now to join Wealthy Web Writer.

And … There’s No Long-Term Commitment

It’s no secret — I want you to give Wealthy Web Writer a try. I know it will be the turning point of your career.

So that’s why I won’t ask you to make a commitment — now or ever …

Feel free to join today and check Wealthy Web Writer out.

If you don’t like what you see — or if web writing isn’t for you — just let us know, and we’ll promptly cancel your account.

You won’t be billed again and I promise there will be no hard feelings.

I’m confident, however, that once you see what’s in store for you, you won’t want to cancel — it’s that good!

Plus, like I mentioned earlier, we’re going to do everything in our power to help you.

Why not test it out?

Click here to join Wealthy Web Writer today.

Web Writing is Bigger Than Ever!

One more thing …

The opportunities in web writing are still growing every day — with no end in sight …

  • There are at least 3.32 billion pages on the Internet (according to … and that number grows daily. Each of these pages is another web-writing opportunity because as the Internet evolves, each page needs updating!
  • Each year, almost $8 trillion — that’s $8,000,000,000,000 — exchanges hands through e-commerce (according to McKinsey Global Institute).
  • Online advertising spending exceeded $100 billion for the first time last year (according to eMarketer). And, digital ads account for nearly one in five ad dollars. By 2016, they are forecasting digital ad spending to pass 25% of all ad dollars.

It’s easy to see, there’s no better time than right now to get on the path to web-writing success.

Why not join Wealthy Web Writer today?

Click here to sign up online …

To your online success,

Rebecca Matter
Co-Managing Partner, AWAI
Founder, Wealthy Web Writer

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P.S. Here's one more reason to join Wealthy Web Writer today …

12 Templates to Help You Start Any Web-Writing Project … Fast

With this exclusive tool, you’ll know exactly where to start — no matter what type of web copy project you’re doing.

So — even if you’re a beginner with a project you’ve never done before — we have you covered.

Just open the “12 Templates to Help You Start Any Web-Writing Project … Fast” and find the type of project you’re working on …

There you’ll get everything you need to expertly complete the project — including project structures, common goals, and questions you should ask your client.

This one resource alone could easily sell for 10 times the price you’ll pay for a single month of Wealthy Web Writer.

Join Wealthy Web Writer by clicking here.

I can’t wait to see you inside Wealthy Web Writer!

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