Reality Blog Challenge — Meet the Bloggers

Your way to successAt the beginning of October, Wealthy Web Writer launched a very exciting challenge to select two new Reality Bloggers for 2016.

The first round was amazing. Dozens of Wealthy Web Writer members submitted an original blog post for consideration. Of those dozens, we selected five to compete as finalists in the Reality Blog Challenge.

Those five finalists are:

  • Randi Anderson
  • Sherri Caldwell
  • Thomas Coalson
  • Candice Lazar
  • Hayley Michaels

These finalists will each contribute four full blog posts to the site. Here on this page, we’ll catalog them all. And that means his page is the perfect place for you to come to make sure you don’t miss a thing … which is important because in December, you’ll be helping the Wealthy Web Writer team to select our two official Reality Bloggers for 2016.

Reality Blog Challenge – Week One

Our Reality Blog Challenge finalists saw their first posts published during the week of November 2nd.

From Randi Anderson: Having trouble finding your content marketing niche? In Randi’s post, she shares a new way to look at your existing network — a more organic approach — that could lead to niche possibilities you hadn’t considered.

From Sherri Caldwell: Web writing has countless different paths you could pursue, all promising success and satisfaction. While the possibilities are wonderful, it can be hard to choose one and then stick with it long enough to give you the results you want. In this post from Sherri, you’ll gain a few ideas about how to set your own focus for success.

From Thomas Coalson: Great writing starts with good writing and finishes with great editing. Applying the art of editing to your work can take your writing to a new level. Thomas gives you five ways you can improve your editing skills for better writing results.

From Candice Lazar: Of course, you need to be a good writer to be successful at web writing. But you need more than writing skills. Candice shares five of the non-writing skills she’s found to be essential to her success … and how you can use them, too.

From Hayley Michaels: It’s scary and exhilarating to set out to be in business for yourself as a web writer. If you want to be successful, you’ll have to step outside of your comfort zone. But don’t worry … that’s a good thing. In this post, Hayley shares 10 big benefits you’ll enjoy when you push out of your comfort zone, and she gives you some tips for making it happen.

Reality Blog Challenge – Week Two

The second set of articles went live the week of November 9th

Randi Anderson: Becoming well-known in your niche is all about making connections. Conducting an interview with an expert or potential client in your niche is a fast way to do that. Randi Anderson shares her tips for conducting a successful interview.  When you’re done, you’ll have a great new post for your blog that you can share through social media to build traction within your niche.

Sherri Caldwell: When it comes to choosing a niche, it can be difficult to narrow it down. Sometimes it helps to get back to basics. Sherri Caldwell does just that when she shares her personal struggles and insights about choosing a niche and invites you to join in the conversation.

Thomas Coalson: Do you have a copywriting bag of tricks? Thomas Coalson talks about the importance of building a repertoire of tricks and techniques for writing persuasive copy. He also shares some very important advice about self-doubt and uncertainty.

Candice Lazar: Content marketing has become a standard and expected part of any well-thought out marketing strategy. So it’s no surprise that knowing how to come up with strong ideas for new content is an invaluable skill. Candice Lazar shows you six places you can look for ideas your audience will love.

Hayley Michaels: As you make the leap to freelancing, it becomes very, very important to set clear boundaries for yourself, for your friends and family, and for your clients. Hayley Michaels shows you the benefits that come with setting boundaries and gives you some powerful tips for taking this step without ruffling anyone’s feathers.

Reality Blog Challenge – Week Three

More selections from our Reality Blog Finalists!

Randi Anderson: Launching your own blog can set you up for web-writing success. It doesn’t matter what topic you write about. It’s the experience and exposure. They are priceless when it comes to building your confidence and marketing your services. Get your blog off to a great start, especially when you know the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Randi shares what she’s learned from her own blogging experience.

Sherri Caldwell: Social media is no longer the new kid on the block, but it’s still new territory for a lot of people. Sherri gives you a look inside  her early experience with social media. Plus, she shares her plans to use social media to grow her business.

Thomas Coalson: Your word choices matter. They make or break your writing. That’s true whether you write editorial or sales copy. In this post, Thomas shares what to consider when it comes to choosing the words that will give your writing the most power.

Candice Lazar: How to land clients is one of the biggest questions facing freelancers. Especially those new to web writing. Candice shares the solution she learned from Joshua Boswell that makes marketing yourself and landing clients so much easier.

Hayley Michaels: There is so much information out there. So much content. So much advertising. So many people vying for attention. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your own voice stand out in the mix, Hayley shows you one of the most important factors. Plus she gives several powerful tips to help you make sure this key factor is coming through in your content.

Reality Blog Challenge – Week Four

Randi Anderson: How is the writer’s life like the seasons? Well, sometimes you find yourself in a cold place of discouragement. Click through to see what winter can teach about getting through those moments.

Sherri Caldwell: Have you ever faced down a major fear? It was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. In this post, Sherri shares one of her own exciting and terrifying, fear-facing moments. Plus she gives you a simple formula to recognize when your fears are really concealing an opportunity and what to do about it when that happens.

Thomas Coalson: No matter what you’re writing, the best way to connect with your readers is to understand their fears, desires, wants, and needs and to know the language they speak. Thomas guides you through doing the research to get to know your target audience.

Candice Lazar: How is your online presence? If you’re like most people, it could be a little stronger. (Or maybe a lot!) Candice shows you six ways to strengthen your online presence … and to grow your expert reputation while you’re at it.

Hayley Michaels: Fear of rejection holds a lot of writers back. But rejection is a fact of life for writers. In this post, Hayley shares lessons  she learned from interviewing some of your fellow writers about handling rejection. Her insights include first-hand accounts of rejection and advice for getting through it.

Our Reality Blog Challenge finalists have done an amazing job. The time is come to cast your vote for who you would most like to see be one of our Reality Bloggers for 2016. The two candidates receiving the most votes will get the job. Click here to cast your vote now. Voting closes on Friday, December 11th.