Running Your Own E-letter: From Building Your List to Making Sales

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Using email to market your web-writing business is a smart, effective strategy. But it’s also a strategy with a lot of moving parts.

Not to worry. Once you know what all the parts are, they are easy to manage. And, when you launch your own e-letter, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits.

You’ll build valuable skills, cultivate promising leads, land more projects, and keep your work calendar exactly as full as you want it. This is a Goldilocks strategy. When you implement it correctly, you’ll never have too much work or too little… your workload will always be just right.

And that means you’ll be able to enjoy your free time more, take breaks — even long vacations — when you want to… all while earning the income you desire… and knowing exactly how to earn more when you need to.

In this Roadmap Tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know to launch and maintain an e-letter strategy for your web-writing business.

Your Step-by-Step Path to E-letter Success

In Session One, Managing Editor, Heather Robson will walk you through the benefits of having an e-letter in place, and help you answer critical questions to determine if this is the right marketing strategy for you and your web-writing business. View this session.

In Session Two, list-building expert Brian Edmondson joins us to walk through the ins and outs of building a healthy and responsive email list. He’ll cover free ways to attract highly qualified subscribers and paid methods to grow your list faster. And more importantly, he’ll share a number of strategies you can use to bring in a steady income from your list. View this session.

After that, Heather Robson is back to talk logistics in Session Three. A successful list is all about consistency. How often will you send to your list? What will you send? What will it look like visually? What kinds of calls-to-action will you use? And more… all covered in this third session. View this session.

In Session Four, you’ll learn how to write a strong, powerful e-letter message. These are the informative, entertaining messages you send to your list to prime your subscribers to become clients. In this session, you’ll learn everything from choosing topics for your e-letters, framing your e-letters, different e-letter formulas you can use depending on what you want to accomplish, planning an Editorial Calendar… and more. View this session..

When someone first subscribes to your email list, that is the best moment to talk more with them about becoming a client. One of the easiest, smartest ways you can do that is through email messages called autoresponders. In Session Five of this Roadmap Tutorial, Jay White, creator of Email Copy Made Easy, joins us to outline how you can create an effective autoresponder series to convert subscribers into clients right out of the gate. View this session..

In Session Six, Ben Settle joins us to share his own take on email marketing and how you can use it to grow your web-writing business. His system involves being your true, authentic self… staying in touch with your subscribers every day… and giving them an opportunity to work with you every time you send a message out. Be warned, Ben’s system can bring in so much interest that you’ll find yourself booked well into the future and able to turn down any projects that don’t interest you. View this session..

Now, you may be thinking this all sounds fantastic, but what about the technical details? Not to worry. Our Tech Editor, Jim Wright is in the process of creating several how-to videos to help you through a stress-free launch of your e-letter strategy. You’ll learn how to register for an Email Service Provider, how to add a sign-up form to your website, how to set up and send your email messages, and how to set up an autoresponder series. You can watch those videos right here.

Enjoy this Roadmap Tutorial! It can change the way you land clients and put you in complete control of your web-writing business and the size and shape of your success.

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