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“I’d like to thank everyone for this awesome site! I know deep down that without Wealthy Web Writer, I’d still be struggling in the back of the pack!”

- Bryan

“I’ve been a Wealthy Web Writer member for a little over a month — it has been an AMAZING resource for me as I start to launch my freelance business. I am on the site every day (at least once) and have learned a ton!”

- Marissa Bishop

“I like that it has business-building tips and advice that you can’t really find anywhere else. Things like how to communicate with clients, up-sell them — really practical advice on how to become a web writer and how to make a good living at it.”

- Lexi Rodrigo, Windsor, Ontario

“Writing can be a lonely occupation. You can spend all day squinting at 12-point type, trying to squeeze the next word out of your tired brain. If you have a question or get stuck, the only person to ask for help is Google who will give you 100,000 … you figure out whose advice is the best. Having a one-stop resource that can answer my toughest questions will let me spend less time lost on Google and more time on the fun parts of writing.”

- Henry Bingaman, Pennsylvania

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