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How You Can Make Bank Partying!

By Eric Gelb | September 11, 2019

Help your clients land new customers or increase your own client base with mini-event marketing. You’ll earn great fees while having a good time. See how it’s done…

How Web Writers Can Make Bank Partying

By Wealthy Web Writer | September 10, 2019

Live: September 18, 2019: Discover how you can put on small events for potential clients and grow your business by leaps and bounds. Learn how to choose the right topic, how to market your event, and what copy you’ll need to write for success.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Talking Money with Clients

By Ilise Benun | August 7, 2019

Do you hate the money conversation? A lot of writers do. But Ilise Benun has three tips that can help you approach talking money with confidence. You’ll put your client at ease and earn the fees you deserve.

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Member Update: What to Say…

By Heather Robson | July 29, 2019

How do you start a conversation with a potential client at a networking event in a way that will make you memorable? It all depends on the questions you ask. Find out some ideas for great conversation starters.

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Reality Blog: The 7 Essential Ingredients of Writing a Winning Proposal

By Andrew Murray | July 26, 2019

You’ll land more clients if you’re able to write a great proposal. What’s the best way to structure a proposal? What are the secrets of writing a winning proposal? Here’s a 7-step breakdown.

4 Tips for Making Local Networking Work for You As a Freelance Writer

By Joshua Sigafus | July 24, 2019

Have you explored the market for freelance writers in your local area. Local networking for writers can lead to several benefits for your business.

Tips for Being a Good Listener in a Client Interview

By John Torre | July 18, 2019

The success of many of our business activities comes down to how well we listen. And that is especially true for a copywriter conducting an interview…

A 4-Part Strategy for Copywriters Who Want More Referrals

By Michele Peterson | July 17, 2019

Would you rather grow your copywriting business by cold calling strangers or by having conversations with warm prospects who have been referred to you? The latter will shorten your sales cycle and bring in higher quality clients.

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