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The Secrets Behind Using Stories to Sell

By John Torre | August 30, 2018

Most successful direct-marketing promotions have something in common… they lead with a story about a real person or situation that grabs the reader’s attention and keeps their eyes on the page.

How to Engage Your Reader in a Compelling Story

By John Torre | January 25, 2018

If you’re willing to borrow some of the time-honored techniques of storytelling, you can incorporate powerful colloquial stories in your copy that grab the attention of both buyers and donors and prepare them to take action.

Member Update: The Fastest Way to Improve Your Writing

By Heather Robson | January 16, 2018

If you practice writing regularly, you’ll get better over time. So, writing is essential. But there are two other things you can do that will improve your writing fast. See what they are, plus check out what’s new and what’s coming up on Wealthy Web Writer.

Don’t Break the Chain – 5 Ways Jerry Seinfeld Can Help Grow Your Web-Writing Business

By Heather Robson | May 3, 2017

Find out how committed daily action can fast track your success as a web writer and a neat trick you can use to stick to your daily plan.

Six Principles to Make Headlines Unique, Targeted, and Surprising

By John Torre | October 6, 2016

The headline is the first thing your reader sees, so it’s crucial to your success. Use these six principles to make headlines unique and more effective.

Harness Your Reader’s Feeling of Powerlessness

By John Torre | January 4, 2016

When your audience has a problem and you have the solution, you’ll get better results if you harness your reader’s feelings of powerlessness and frustration. Learn how in this post.

How to Solicit Useful Feedback on Your Writing and Why

By Christine Butler | August 26, 2015

Soliciting feedback on your writing is one of the fastest ways to improve your skills. Find out who to ask for feedback, how to ask, and what to do with what you learn.

Roving Report: 7 Ways to Make Everything You Write Easier to Read

By Susanna Perkins | January 16, 2015

Writing that is both easy to read and engaging gets the best results. In this report, learn seven ways you can improve the readability of your writing.