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Reality Blog: What to Do When You’ve Let a Client Down

By Candice Lazar | December 1, 2017

One common fear among writers is that they’ll land a project and then disappoint their client. In this Reality Blog post, you’ll find tips on avoiding that situation, plus steps to take if you do let a client down.

Member Update: Time to Start Swimming

By Heather Robson | April 4, 2016

Are you feeling restless? It may be that you’re too comfortable. Go from treading water to swimming, plus find out the best part of all… and see what’s new on Wealthy Web Writer.

Reality Blog Challenge: Getting Through Winters of Discouragement as a Writer

By Randi Anderson | November 30, 2015

Setbacks. Obstacles. Self Doubt. They can leave you wondering if the life of a writer is really the life for you. Use these tips for handling discouragement.

Five Downsides to Goal Setting … and How You Can Deal with Each

By Janice Sakata-Schultze | October 13, 2015

Goal setting is a proven way to achieve more in whatever you put your mind to. But there are downsides to goal setting you should be prepared to counter.

How to Recover When “Life” Gets in the Way of Writing

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | October 7, 2015

Sometimes life throws little things at you. And sometimes it throws big things at you. Mindy McHorse shares ideas for when life gets in the way of writing.

Reality Blog: Does Inconsistency Hold You Back?

By Marianne Foscarini | September 20, 2013

Inconsistency can hold you back from a successful writing career. Marianne Foscarini shares her thoughts, experiences, and insights on being more consistent.