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How to Figure Out How Long a Copywriting Project Will Take You… So You Can Manage Your Time Accordingly

By Michele Peterson | August 19, 2020

When you’re working as a freelance web writer, you need a plan for how to estimate project time. Then you can set sensible fees that will have you earning the living you desire. These tips will help you get there.

How to Express Your Fees in Terms of Benefits

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | May 16, 2019

Setting fees — and then actually asking clients to pay them — is a big challenge for a lot of writers. Learn to tie your fees in with your benefits and this conversation becomes easier.

Setting Fees for Web-Writing Services: How to Overcome Your Own Sticker Shock

By Wendy Strain | June 15, 2016

Do you put together proposals for clients only to panic that your prices are too high? Use this method to overcome your own sticker shock and set fair fees.

Three Ways to Charge More for the Services You Offer

By Christina Gillick | January 13, 2016

Many freelancers set their rates too low in the hopes of landing projects. But, with these strategies, you’ll see how to charge more without losing work.

Roving Report: Defending Your Fees

By Susanna Perkins | September 4, 2015

Defending your fees is an integral part of taking care of your business. In this interview summary, you’ll learn several steps to embracing your fees.

Reality Blog: Price Check

By Jim Wright | August 28, 2015

Setting fees for your writing services is one of the things that freelancers struggle with especially early on. Jim Wright shares his early experiences with setting fees.

Defending Your Fees

By Wealthy Web Writer | August 10, 2015

Available: August 13th, 2015 Rebecca Matter and Annette Annechild discuss the fears that writers face when setting fees. Learn their practical strategies to overcome your fears.

Reality Blog: Should You Always Quote a Project Fee? Maybe Not!

By Marianne Foscarini | July 17, 2015

Do you use a project fee or an hourly fee? Conventional wisdom says that project fees work better, but some situations provide an exception. Learn more …

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