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Getting Clients Through Spec Assignments and the Staircase Technique

By Wealthy Web Writer | October 1, 2015

Learn how to combine spec assignments with the staircase technique to land clients who you are ready to work with and who can help you build your business.

Should I do spec assignments?

By Heather Robson | June 8, 2014

It depends on how far along you are in your copywriting career. If you are new to the copywriting industry and are in the process of creating a portfolio, yes, you should do spec assignments. Nick Usborne considers working on spec an initial marketing strategy, and a great way to build your portfolio. But don’t […]

The Reality Blog: How To Put Together Winning Submissions For Spec Assignments And Competitions

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | September 10, 2010

Find out how to make yourself stand out as a professional when you submit to spec assignments, competitions, or job announcements. Mindy shares a few key guidelines that will help make sure your copy lands on the right desk every time … eventually landing you a possible job!

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