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Member Update: Faster Writing Made Easy

By Heather Robson | August 20, 2018

The faster you can write, the higher your hourly rate will be for each project you take on. The trick is to speed up your writing without compromising quality. Here are three steps to do that.

Reality Blog: Write Better Articles in Less Time: A 5-Part Process

By Tracy Clement Wilson | July 20, 2018

Well-written articles or blogs are a great way to increase traffic to a website, boost SEO, and build authority. They can also be lucrative… as long as you have a streamlined process to produce high-quality work in a reasonable amount of time.

How to Write a Strong P.S.

By Candice Lazar | May 2, 2018

When you write any kind of sales copy, whether it’s an email, a print package, or a landing page, you want to write a strong P.S. at the end. By putting in the time and effort to get your P.S. right, you can increase your package results.

How to Craft a Compelling Call-to-Action for Fundraising Letters

By John Torre | February 1, 2018

The call-to-action is the foundation of a fundraising offer. Even if the rest of your copy isn’t as strong as it should be, as long as you have a clear call-to-action, there’s a chance you’ll still do okay in fundraising.

5 Content Upgrades Web Copywriters Can Use to Generate More Leads

By Michele Peterson | December 27, 2017

As part of your lead generation strategy, you can use the concept of an upgrade to engage your ideal clients…. and boost your results at the same time.

Reality Blog: 5 Subtle Ways to Make Your Reader Say “Yes!”

By Candice Lazar | December 15, 2017

Neurolinguistic programming is used in a variety of contexts, including advertising and marketing. Whether it’s effective is controversial. One thing isn’t controversial. It’s out there, and you should know how to recognize the techniques at work.

13 Ways to Increase Your Prospect’s Desire for the Product

By John Torre | December 14, 2017

Often, your prospect has vague emotions about a product or a problem rather than a concrete and easily expressed desire. You can help them define their desires using these 13 writing and sales techniques.

10 Rules for Writing Better e-Brochures — Part 2

By John Torre | November 2, 2017

Last week, John Torre shared five things to keep in mind when writing an online brochure. This week, he follows up with five more tips for making any brochure better.