Your 12-Step Roadmap to Becoming a Well-Paid, Working Web Writer

In this 12-part tutorial series, Mindy McHorse, Wealthy Web Writer’s original Reality Blogger, guides you step-by-step through the process of using Wealthy Web Writer’s resources to launch, expand, or grow your freelance web-writing business.

Getting Started – Laying the Groundwork for Your Web-Writing Business

Module 1: Take the first steps to becoming an active Wealthy Web Writer member. Mindy encourages you to get involved and points out some ways you can participate more on the site. Then, she gives you your first challenge: Setting a big goal and breaking it down to manageable tasks. Click through to read Mindy’s tips and find her recommended links on this topic.

Module 2: If you want to succeed as a web writer, delivering a quality service is fundamental. So, in Module 2, Mindy gives you a quick guide to writing quality copy for the Web. She covers the basic tenets of good writing and discusses how to start projects off on the right foot. Plus, you’ll find a ton of recommended links to help you delve deeper into this important skill. Find it all here.

Module 3: Building a web-writing business opens up a lot of possibilities. There are endless niches and a half-dozen specialties … at least. It can be overwhelming. In this module, Mindy helps you get a handle on the specific, unique vision you have for your web-writing business. Get started here.

Module 4: If you’re going to be taken seriously as a web-writing professional, you’ll need an actual website. Don’t let that scare you. It’s easier to launch a website than you might think. Mindy gives you a six-step plan to get you started. You can find it here.

Building a Strong Client Base and Keeping Your Clients Happy

Module 5: Once you have a website up, and you’re ready to land clients, work on projects, and get paid, you may be wondering … how exactly do I do that? Mindy gives you a ton of tools, tips, and golden pieces of advice that will help you confidently approach your prospects and begin converting them to clients. Read on …

Module 6: Landing one client isn’t enough. Ideally you want a steady stream of clients … a stream that keeps you busy, but not too busy, and that doesn’t have any big dips so you’re not wondering where your next project is coming from. Mindy shares 12 strategies you can use to fill your marketing pipeline. Check them out here.

Module 7: Setting fees. That phrase has induced a cold sweat in many a freelance web writer. But don’t worry … the main key to setting your fees is understanding your market and being confident about what you offer. Mindy digs into the details here.

Module 8: Once the projects are flowing, you need to stay on top of what you’re doing. Managing your productivity becomes key to growing your business in a stress-free way. Mindy shares plenty of tips on boosting productivity as well as links to her favorite productivity resources on the site. Find them all here.

Managing Your Web-Writing Business – How to Keep Your Success Humming Along

Module 9: When it comes to maintaining your web-writing business, it’s good to refine your marketing strategies and to try new things. One of your greatest resources is your website. Mindy shows you how to leverage your website as a lead generation tool. Read on

Module 10: Keep things running smoothly by presenting yourself as a professional. Read Mindy’s eight key steps for dealing professionally with every client on every project. Plus check out her favorite resources on this topic here.

Module 11: You’ve launched a website, started bringing in projects, built a marketing system that works … by now, you’re dealing with some issues like billing, accounting, and other administrative tasks that have to get done. Use Mindy’s guide to make sure you’re managing your logistics.

Module 12: Once you’ve got your business nailed down, it’s time to consider taking it to the next level. Mindy looks at ways to leverage what you’ve learned to build an even bigger income. Find the details here in this final module of the 12-Step Roadmap To Becoming A Well-Paid, Working Web Writer.

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